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All Intelligent Trainer software packages are fully supported technically with a Support desk.  We provide basic training in the use of the application and can provide specific training packages for Sports Specific monitoring.

Research shows that Analytical skills vary depending on individual background and experience. We are here to support and help to maximise these skills with Intelligent Trainer.


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The Ultimate Studio Management Application - Specifically developed for monitoring regular gym classes such as Spinning or one of the many cardiac activities including crossfit. Using our LIVE high specification Heart Rate Variance monitoring system, up to 20 individuals can watch the live results of their efforts via a large screen monitor in a studio.  Data is collected daily, and stored within the system for historical analysis.  Competitive groups can set up to compare session performance.

The 'Well-being Management Programme' - This product is aimed at schools and colleges who have the aspiration to identify naturally talented pupils for competitive and recreational sports and want to monitor the general wellbeing of pupils.  The package supports the identification of individuals whose desire it is to become elite athletes. The management of the well-being of students and pupils involves collecting regular Heart Rate data sets allowing Teaching Staff to customise training, fitness and wellbeing packages for individuals.  

The Specialists Application - A Team Sports statistical monitoring software package designed for the majority of team sports. Used in conjunction with  our high Specification BlueTooth Heart Rate Variance Monitor system, LIVE Cardiac and Locomotive monitoring and historical data capture of up to 40 individuals can be stored and monitored to maximise fitness programmes.  Multiple data sets can be collected and instantly displayed in a clear graphical interface for detailed analysis.


The Acentas Heart Rate Monitoring Systems are ideal for Team and Studio activities and training from 20 to 40 participants in an indoor or outdoor environment.  The Live Data receivers have a high range coverage and accuracy from 20 to 400 metres.  Key functions of the Heart Rate Monitoring Systems include:

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The 'Beast' sensor is a set of state-of-the-art motion sensors, compacted into an accurate and rugged unit designed for the weights room and gym.  


The 'Beast' sensor streams data about Strength, Power and Speed for each lift or exercise performed.  The Real-Time data can be displayed on a Smartphone or tablet, showing you your best efforts for each exercise performed during a training session.


The Beast Sensor is a magnetic unit making it compatible with a variety of different weights, exercise machines and bodyweight exercises.  Beast eliminates the need for bulky lab equipment to measure individual performance.


The most convenient and clinically validated sleep tracker.  Utilising the latest Bluetooth Smart technology, BEDDIT measures sleep automatically with no interaction required.  Collecting your sleep data continuously over time will give you a true an accurate history of your sleep patterns.


Every morning, the Beddit SleepScore shows you how you slept. It’s an intuitive scale that goes from 0 to 100 and helps you understand your sleep. Reaching the Green Zone means you had a good night’s sleep. It’s easy to see how your night progressed as Beddit visualizes your sleep cycles ranging from light to deep sleep and back.


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’KNOW YOUR BEAST’ We are now selling a unique product ‘My Beast, the first sensor that will  guarantee to improve your lifts in the gym when using weights, ‘My BEAST, focuses on the Strength, Speed, Power and Explosiveness of a lift.  We will be running interactive sessions and demonstrations in the coming months; dates and locations yet to be confirmed., However If you are interested in participating please contact    or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.  Read more here about its capabilities and the latest news here from our own users.

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Intelligent Trainer Education

'CAREERS IN SPORT’ During 2015 and into the early part of 2016 Intelligent Trainer attended various “Careers in Sport” - events across the UK in the key Sports Science Universities.   The focus was on ‘spreading the word’ about how important ‘Data’ is for Sport.  We ran a couple of interactive workshops and presentations to wet the appetite of the many enthusiastic students studying qualifications from A Level PE to Sport Science Degrees.  We  will be participating in more events later this year… Read more

The Intelligent Trainer 40 Club… We want to share the knowledge!  If you are 40+ and are looking for a bit of motivation and guidance with Cardiac Training, to help you improve your fitness this club is for you!  Starting in mid April, we will post through our blog pages cardiac training samples and training methods that could help in your pursuance of a healthier, fitter life style or if you need help to break your training plateau.    Ideally you will need to follow us on twitter to get the latest updates and news.  We will be encouraging you to feedback your thoughts so we can establish a great network of information (and banter!)  Watch this space..